Christine Simms Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP SRP


Here are a few testimonials kindly written by some of those who take my classes.

The classes are friendly and not too large; big enough to meet fellow pilates fans, but small enough to benefit from the individual attention of a highly competent and excellent tutor.

I have noticed my body has definitely become more toned and my posture has improved greatly since beginning these classes and it has strengthened my muscles overall, particularly good for any problems with the back, neck and hips.

I’d definitely recommend taking up pilates with Christine, you are in the best possible hands.

Stella, Nurse

I tried various pilates classes. Chris’s classes stand out as she applies her knowledge and training as a physiotherapist. She is careful to explain the exercises and positions, and checks and corrects.

I enjoy Christine’s classes so much as she is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and sensitive and non-intrusive in the way she teaches.

Colette, Nuclear Scientist

Christine gives us individual attention, keeps us focussed on the exercises and all with a gentle sense of humour.

Jeanne, Teacher

She’s a qualified physiotherapist who is also very knowledgeable in pilates, making me feel totally safe and confident in her hands. She has really improved my fitness and mobility, in particular the weakness in my lower back and stiffness in my shoulder following surgery.

Cheryl, Accountant

The class is an oasis in my busy week. It's both relaxing and energising and there's always a friendly atmosphere.


Christine is always considerate of our medical problems and never pushes us too far. We come away feeling far more supple, it also helps our general mobility and balance.


Christine's pilates classes are my unwind! I leave walking taller and feeling more relaxed. She was also very supportive during my pregnancy, providing variations on exercises that allowed me to continue classes well into my third trimester.


I very much enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Christine's classes and her instructions are concise and the exercises clearly demonstrated beforehand. As well as a marked improvement in the neck injury, which was my original reason for attending the class, I have found my overall flexibility, posture and balance are also much improved.

Susan, Sales Manager

Christine's classes are always well planned, interesting and enjoyable. Since starting her classes my posture, balance and core strength have all improved.
Pilates has become part of my life.


Christine is a great teacher who - being a physiotherapist and understanding the human body - is aware of each pupil's problems and needs and takes them into account during the exercises. Although I have osteoporosis I feel confident in the classes which I have found beneficial and enjoyable.


Christine was recommended to me by a friend and is the best Pilates teacher I have known. Her professional knowledge of the workings of the body, together with attention to each individual's capability within the group, inspires confidence. Consequently, due to the strength and flexibility that I have attained, I have not had the need to see a physiotherapist for 18 months.


Christine's classes are enjoyable and varied. She explains the exercises and what benefits they bring and always allows time/alternatives for each individual class member’s needs. Having had chronic lower back pain for years, after joining Christine's classes, I have seen an improvement in my range of movement and my general awareness of posture.


I love outdoor activities, climbing, biking and hill walking and also do a lot of cross & strength training at my gym, but for years have been plagued by back and shoulder problems. Having almost been put off pilates for life after attending a 'bad' class elsewhere I thought, given Christine's background, it was worth having another go - and I'm very glad I did. Pilates is proving highly complementary to my other interests and I see it as an investment in my future ability to continue to do the things I love.

Maria, Marketing Consultant

I have been going to Pilates for 5 years and, as Christine is an experienced physio, I have always felt in safe hands. Although it is a group class, Christine does not operate a ‘one size fits all policy’ and will frequently tweak an exercise to meet the needs of an individual. From week-to-week there is variety so the classes remain challenging and yet fun.


Chris has been a great help and her exercises have enabled me to regain mobility in my feet after breaking some metatarsals. My balance has improved too.


I enjoy the Pilates sessions held by Christine Simms as I feel that they help to keep my core muscles strengthened and help movement in stiff joints. Chris runs her classes in a calm, relaxed and friendly manner, yet at the end of each session I realise that my body has benefitted from the exercises.

P.D. Retired

Doing Pilates with Chris has improved my overall body strength, balance and back problems enormously. The lesson are focussed but relaxed and you always feel like you have pushed yourself by the end.


Christine's classes are small and intimate so she can tailor the exercises to each individual's needs and capabilities. Therefore, no one is overdoing it but everyone comes away feeling more supple. Since attending the classes my knees, hips and ankles have become pain free and definitely feel stronger.

Gerry. RGN, Retired.

In common with many people, I suffer with back and neck problems. Christine’s pilates classes have been very helpful in improving my flexibility and general posture. I find it comforting to know that Christine is also a qualified physiotherapist.


I find Christine a very pleasant and understanding teacher, her knowledge of the body etc. gives me complete confidence in the classes. She goes out of her way to make sure each of us are ok with the exercises she gives us and with the equipment she provides. The class is fun and everyone is friendly.

Paula, Retired

Christine  Simms is an excellent teacher, her instructions are easy to follow and clear and I feel totally confident in her knowledge of the workings of the body.

The improvement in my strength and suppleness since starting pilates has been amazing.

Gillian, Retired

Chris pleasantly and skilfully demonstrates a variety of exercises, the equipment provided adding interest. Individual advice is always given.

Specific exercises from Chris were great for strengthening my injured ankle.

Carol, Retired

Christine makes the classes enjoyable and personal, always taking account of our individual abilities and restrictions. They are fun, too, and everyone is friendly.

Christine, Training Manager

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Christine’s classes are the best Pilates classes I’ve attended. The sessions are well paced, never rushed and include warm up and warm down exercises ensuring you never leave the class with twinges or injuries! The group is also small and quiet enough for individual attention: there’s plenty of space to avoid crashing into each other and the music’s on a low setting!


My views on Pilates have completely changed since starting with Christine. I'm amazed how Pilates has improved my strength and stability after recent injury and an operation. Although I've done Pilates before (and hated it) I've found Christine's classes to be personal to my needs; she is aware of every one of us as individuals and, due to her extensive training and qualifications, I always feel in safe environment where every class counts.


Christine is very skilled at tailoring exercise to the needs of the individual but is able to vary the programme to make each week interesting and fun to do. My back and knee problems are now much improved as is my stability, plus I no longer need painkillers to get to sleep which I am very pleased about.


Chris is great at explaining the exercises and giving ways of visualizing the way to do them using imaginary glasses of drinks, fruit and a whole host of household items!


Christine has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a deep understanding of anatomy. This means that Christine can tailor each exercise to suit the individual needs and development of every student. I will often refer clients to Christine whom I know will benefit greatly from the excellent work she does.

Carl, Acupuncturist

I joined Marple Pilates classes on the advice of a physiotherapist (not Christine) to help with a back problem. When you go to the class with any aches and pains if you tell Christine before the class begins, she adjusts the exercise accordingly. She is very caring and there is always a relaxed atmosphere.


I started Pilates with Christine Simms in about March 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed her classes. Christine makes the classes interesting and we have fun at the same time as working our bodies hard. I would recommend her classes to anyone.

Brenda, Retired Fitness Instructor

I have considerably improved my flexibility and strength and, because she is a qualified physiotherapist, I know that everything she shows us will be beneficial and tailored to our individual needs and capabilities. I really enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Kath, Retired

I had a course of weekly private Pilates sessions with Christine which I found extremely beneficial as she was able to finely tune the exercises to my specific needs. Her approach was not only professional but she also managed to build my confidence in being able to strengthen my core through her simple but very effective techniques. I now fit the exercises she gave me into my daily routine.


After attending sessions twice a week for the last 18 months, my abdominal muscles are much stronger. This has improved my posture and, consequently, I no longer suffer with back and neck pain. I often ask myself what I did before I discovered Pilates!

Glenne, Podiatrist

Christine makes Pilates enjoyable and easy to follow. She carefully plans the programme to build in development over a number of weeks. Christine clearly explains each exercise and is always mindful of individual abilities and problem areas.


Christine's classes are enjoyable on so many levels. Her professional expertise, her ability to remember the needs and capabilities of each student and to boost their confidence. She always has time to discuss, privately, any individual concerns and last, but by no means least, the good-humoured way in which she conducts the sessions.


Christine always remembers people’s capabilities and puts it to them in a nice way. The class I attend on a Monday is very friendly and we have a laugh and it is very enjoyable. I have found the exercises most beneficial to my game of golf. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my pilates.


I can truly say that it has helped keep a chronic lower back pain at bay. It has really helped to strengthen my core stability and I have learnt techniques for life. I have become far more aware of how my body works and how to make the best of it for the future!


Christine's Pilates classes are excellent. She doesn't allow the classes to get too big which means she gets to know us all well - including our ailments. I feel confident in practising the exercises at home which has increased strength in weaker areas.


Having had surgery on my neck I was very anxious about exercise and exacerbating my condition. I was confident with Christine because she is not only a Physio but took the trouble to speak with my own Physio before I started classes. She amends exercises for me and the number of repetitions and checks how I have been after the previous class. She is always a ray of sunshine - classes are fun, hugely beneficial, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am encouraging my husband to join in, too.