Christine Simms Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP SRP

Welcome to Marple Pilates

I’ve been teaching pilates around the Marple area of Cheshire for several years while continuing to work as a senior physiotherapist in the NHS. So I can pay each person a very high level of attention, my classes are much smaller than those of larger, commercial studios.

Tone Muscle

Pilates uses slow, smooth and controlled movements to strengthen muscle without adding bulk. I ensure no part of the body is ever over-trained - making my sessions suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Ease Stiff Joints

By improving flexibility, pilates makes it easier for you to move correctly. I use it to help clients recover from an injury, surgery or simply to overcome niggling, persistent aches and pains.

Improve Posture

Because pilates targets the deep, postural muscles of your torso, it re-balances the body and brings it back into correct alignment. This promotes easy, graceful movement – ballet dancers have been using pilates for years.

Your instructor, Christine

Alongside my certification from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, I have over twenty years’ experience working as an NHS physiotherapist. By combining pilates instruction with clinical expertise, I’m able to adapt my tuition to your needs.

Group classes

My mat-based group classes are small in scale. This allows a much greater degree of instruction for you. The result is a safe, enjoyable and relaxing way to improve core strength, flexibility and posture. To enhance certain exercises, I’ll often introduce small pieces of equipment such as foam rollers, magic circles or spiky massage balls.


Private sessions

I offer private pilates sessions in my peaceful garden studio in the centre of Marple. There is space to park on the drive. The sessions centre on a wonderful piece of equipment called the reformer. This gliding platform makes hundreds of graceful, smooth-flowing exercises possible - stretching and strengthening you from head to toe!

Pilates for rehabilitation

My physiotherapy background combines very effectively with pilates for patients who need rehabilitation. By using advanced body awareness and manual therapy techniques, I can help you to recover your overall fitness following an injury or hospital treatment.