Christine Simms Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP SRP

About pilates

Developed from the techniques of Joseph Pilates, this system of exercises involves precise movement to improve strength, flexibility and control.

Pilates uses slow, co-ordinated movements and breathing techniques to target deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out to re-balance the body and bring back correct alignment.

It is particularly recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems and people with posture-related aches and pains.

I believe that, when learned correctly, pilates can transform the way your body looks, feels and performs – leaving you to enjoy your daily activities and sports with greater ease and less chance of injury.

The benefits of pilates

Regardless of your age, Pilates can bring so many benefits to your life -

  • Reduce your chances of back pain
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Ease stress levels
  • Achieve better muscle tone
  • Enjoy a flatter stomach and trimmer waist
  • Increase your bone density – a help for Osteoporosis sufferers
  • Reduce stiffness through improved joint mobility
  • Move gracefully by developing body awareness
  • Experience fewer injuries, aches and pains
  • Improve your sporting performance

Pilates Health Questionnaire

Pilates Health Questionnaire download (PDF, 200kb)

Before filling out this form, please call me for an initial chat. You will only need to complete the form once we have arranged a time for your initial assessment.

Pilates in action


Christine  Simms is an excellent teacher, her instructions are easy to follow and clear and I feel totally confident in her knowledge of the workings of the body.

The improvement in my strength and suppleness since starting pilates has been amazing.

Gillian, Retired